I’m doing some research into cost-benefit analysis and product development. Just curious if anyone had some good resources to suggest.


I don’t know if this answers your question , but …

As a percent of overall sales, we track the sales of products that have been launched in the last 5 years. We also track the growth of those products and the margins of those products vs. the “old” SKUs.

What do you mean about CBA and product development?
Rates of return, safety features, comparing system design features etc?? Portfolio management i.e, got lots of stuff I want to do what should i do.

Basic rule I always thought was 3 times total invested. That is a new feature should pay back 3 times what you put in to get an outcome. NPV discount rates are a little harder, 20% for short term stuff. I.e. if you bought on your credit card would it be a good idea, for short term little things. 8% or so for bigger things. Net present value - Wikipedia

Most tastiest i have seen is ECV which creates a decision tree then solves with monte carlo

There are lots of people working on this on the manufacturing / system engineering side and the ideas can go very deep.

Cant think of a good in one place resource off the top of my head. Maybe some of the IFMs stuff at cambridge had a good lecture on the various techniques once.