catia vs ?

Little help? I am a ID consultant 20 years in the business, past 6 of which have been managing other designers I am about to make the jump into 3D myself and have looked into several options. I like what I see in Ashlar-Vellums Cobalt and 3ds Catia, both have a hybrid type of approach to the solid and surface model, but I can’t justify the 12K difference. Anyone out there with hands on experience using these, I would like your input.

i haven’t worked with any ashlar products.i use catia right now and i think it’s a very good program if you have a fast, reliable computer. i also prefer solidworks over any other program like inventor, solid edge or pro/e. i used to work with pro/e, it had some surfacing and large assembly advantages at the time compared to solidworks, but right now i think solidworks is better because it’s faster and surfacing has improved a lot. if i want to do really complex surfacing though i prefer catia. its tools for part/assembly design are really good too. the main advantage with catia is that it gives you a lot of options for higher level design which other programs don’t even have.

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I’ve used Cobalt for the past 3 months or so - I was looking for a program that would do a bit of everything without costing too much…

Overall, it does do anything that you (well, I anyway) can think of - NURBS, parametric modelling, a decent rendering module and (the biggie for me) it’s easy to turn any model into a PROPER engineering drawing, complete with, sections, different views and dimensions etc.

There are some bugs now and again, but overall, it’s exactly what I was looking for - a 3d program for designing rather than just a 3d program to make a model of what you already designed - if you see what i mean. It’s easy to go back into part histories and change dimensions etc, and then have all other features update around that change.

If you visit the website, you can request/download a full-featured 2 week demo…