CATIA Files to 3d Studio amx 6


I was wondering how I could tranfer Catia projects to /d studio max so I can do better renders… I tried saving them in STL and nothing seems to work…

Does anyone kow the procedure ??

Or if anyone know if HDRI work in CATIA just let me know


I guess we have the same problem!!
I’ve tryed to use .igs
It worked, but I have a problem with my surface in 3dsmax, some of them are transparent depending on the view.
Do you have more news so far?

if you’re using max for rendering save it with .wrl extention.
and if maya is your renderer then .igs.

as far as the quality or speed is concerned i don’t know, i think that’s up to the individual and how familiar they are with each software.

.wrl works much better than .igs
thank u

Hi All -

If you are having some transparent surfaces in MAX, you can try - reversing the normals of the transparent surfaces or assign them a double sided material. Hope this will solve the problem.

We have many times successfully transferred the data from Alias to Max using IGES (5.3)