Catia > 3D MAX

Is there anyone here with experience of importing files from CATIA to 3DMAX?

I saved my file in CATIA in all the different filetypes that I could, and then I used the import file option on MAX to open the .IGS version of the model.

When I have my model imported I am missed parts of my design in MAX.

I have taken a screenshot of it for you to better understand what I mean.

If you have any tips or any knowledge that might be able to help me out please post.


The standard first question has to be:

Are you using a licensed version of 3DS Max? If not…go get one :wink:

If so…

It is more likely than not normals that have been reversed on the parts you have imported. Not having used Catia…I have no idea if you have normal control within the program. I know in Rhino I have full control over this.