Cathedric Solid Geometry and RP

From the outside the Sagrada Família in Barcelona is Gaudi over the top for me. The inside however, is like being inside the world’s largest CSG design experiment. It truly amazed me to walk in the door and experience the space. This building has been under construction for over 100 years.

The RP machines in the underground level workshop building models of the stones that will be CNC cut, all pretty cool.

Didn’t make it inside last time I was in Barcelona. What is the last pic, is it a public space or did you have some special access to the dev. lab?

Even the outside is amazing though, you could spend hours studying the surface of all the details. Next time I’m going alone so I can take my time…

PS. this made me think of:

It is a public area, under the main building, where all of the models and are displayed. The photo was shot through the glass of the workshop.