Casual dress for interview?

So I’ve been getting a few interviews where the interviewer specifically notes to dress casually. I am curious exactly how casual is appropriate?

Obviously, I wouldn’t expect beach attire to OK, but I am unsure exactly what would be. My previous job was pretty casually dressed (jeans, sneakers, t shirt), so a step up from that?


I would do a light pant (a flat front khaki) or a very crisp dark wash jean, a button up shirt, and a pair of nice but not flashy shoes (brown wingtips, boat shoes, oxfords, even Clarkes desert boots, but nothing shiny). This type of dress is casual enough if everyone is in tee shirts but dressy enough if everyone is in proper slacks.

Yo’s advice is spot on.
I think there is a great thread actually from a while back where this is being discussed. I usually just go with something A.P.C.-ish.

In a recent interview, I did the raw denim and a white shirt under a sweater. I thought it looked a little too preppy so I tried to give it a little edge by wearing a pair of worn brown Red Wing chukkas and though that worked pretty well in balancing the “can’t-wait-to-get-in-the-shop” look and the “dress-for-success look”.

This to me is a pretty safe style to emulate at an interview.

Here is some more inspiration for you:

Tuck in your shirt. Wear clean shoes. Have a nice watch. No such thing as over dressed of you are comfortable and can pull it off with style. Be yourself.


Thanks for the tips guys!

I guess I’ll have to dig through my wardrobe to find some middle ground.

Hey guys!

I’m very interested in the answer to this question but from the perspective of a female applicant. I think the options that everyone has suggested so far are spot on, but I dont know if they are totally applicable for a female designer.

I’ve often struggled with making a “casual” interview outfit as well so I’m really interested in hearing some suggestions!

I’d recommend something similar. I think dark wash fitted denim paired with a nice blouse or a flat front pant, maybe a jacket if you feel comfortable in it. You can swap a skirt for the denim/pants if you like. Women can obviously dress it up with a nice, but tasteful heal. Some jewelry can make it more fun. I picked a few examples. All of these are appropriately casual yet professional. You can get to work in these.

For either men or women, keep it simple, timeless, but also look like a designer. You have the ability to take a little more license than your average person. Think about spicing up one memorable item, like a colorful chunky necklace for a woman, a neon pair of shoes or socks for a guy, an interesting watch. Just don’t let your outfit become a miss mosh collection of crazy things unless you are really that person.

Thanks yo! That is exactly what I was wondering.

I love these examples :slight_smile: