castable condoms

Hello guys n gals…

Objectivo: Would like to cast a condom, from thicker material, like a silicone material, say 3 or 4mm thick (not .0000000001 :smiley: ).

? Are there any good websites which introduce silicone rubber, and help one select the appropriate hardness. (I want mine to be…hmmm…hardness/elasticity similar to a wetsuit…(i know this is a rubbsh comparison - mind went blank)

? also need to get hold of this stuff…I’m in the U.K. :smiley:

? What is the easiest method of making a mould to cast this rubber into… we’re talking lounge style workshoop here… easier the better…

Many thanks


As you might know, condoms are actually dip molded. But if you want to cast it, you would need a wall thickness thick enough to allow the material to flow properly. Check with a local casting or prototype shop for more specifics.

You can build tools using an SLA pattern and make an epoxy core and cavity. However, I wouldn’t suggest an RTV tool to cast silicone.

Or you can machine the tool out of aluminum.

You should probably contact a prototype shop in your area for more speciific guidance.


forgot about this one. film f/x companies are possible source. foam latex died. most now use silicon. check back of Cinefex magazine for adds.

Ok this is not exacly casting but to acheive a wall thickness in a rubberish plastic you could check out
They have this ‘rubber’ which is an epoxy. more precisely, you take a plasticine A mix it with plasticine B and in 5 minutes (or less if i remember) it turns into what you shaped it around…

so this may be easier than casting, and faster than dipmoulding a 3mmthickness.