Cast SS Silverware

How is Stainless Steel Silverware Cast in manufacturing?
I’m hearing that it is cast in 2 pieces… how are the handle-end and the utility-end attached?

Any resources that I could follow up on?


oooh… Apparently it’s not cast.
Can anyone provide more info on how 2 piece flatware with a handle thicker than .25 inches is manufactured?

Why do you do you want to manufacture using an existing method. Be like Apple and just machine everything out of a solid block.

ps, most of those thick handles are cast, then they polish the heck out of tem

perhaps if my company had the resources that Apple did, we would be able to invent our own methods of manufacture.

but as far as I found out, from and old ID prof, silverware is not cast- even the thick stuff.

Hoping someone may have more details or resources that I can look into…

The cheap crap you get at diners (that you can bend in half) is stamped. Better stuff might be forged. Surely solid silver silverware was always cast, and I am quite sure some stainless flatware is cast as well. Most likely investment cast. Some of it (particularly hollow handled stuff) is probably done in two pieces and welded together, then hand polished. Labor is very cheap.

progressive die formed… you pay for each die and that cost is itemized over the length of the tool.

i’ve also been researching this, the very cheap stuff can be stamped yes. most likely investment cast for the rest. a video that might be of interest The Design Process - Western Industrial Design class of 2005 - YouTube


Go to India, not China. They have a great metalworking industry.

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