CARVED ORNAMENT - Best CAD software?

What is the best CAD/Desgn software to do carved ornament on furniture? I mean flowing French, Rococo, greek stuff - curling acanthus leaves, etc.

Also what about when going from flat surfaces to full 3d surfaces like a curled carved foot or a cabriole leg? This would require a 4 rotational axis on the CNC router.

I doubt Pro-e or SolidWorks would be the place to try to design this stuff, but could they import carving designed elsewhere?


How about Rhino, then Solidworks/ProE/Inventor to output to mill?

lots of the toy companies use the Sensable products… They have a bit of a loss tho when it comes to manufacturing. Ive seen it all too… One company will take the mesh generated from Senable and just place that onto the toy in Pro/e to get the wood grain for example… fire that off the China and hope for the best.