Carve some Pumpkins

It’s that time of year, I would love to see what you all come up with (Or have in the past) in pumpkin art! Especially as this is a community filled with those who find unhealthy amounts of pleasure working with modeling and power tools. :smiling_imp:

Ah this is a sore subject for me!

Last year I attempted to recreate Pumpktris (working Tetris in a pumpkin) which I had seen the year before on a blog and waited until Halloween 2013 to make.

Come mid September I start to order everything and plan my evenings and weekends accordingly to get all of the soldering done. A few days before October 31st I have my pumpkin, I cut the holes but I must not of heat shrunk the wires enough and the circuit frazzled when it came in to contact with the inside of the wet Pumpkin, leaving lots of LEDs unable to light up. After sinking $120 and many evenings and weekends I did not attempt it this year!

Anyway heres a video of the original:

Here’s last years:

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