get a real graphic designer to redo this mess - it’s goddamn AWFUL!

I actually like this format and i am so glad that users actually have to now register to post on the site! its a lil cartoony…yes! but i’d rather have it that way than a pure bland generic mechanical look… :wink:

It’s “cutesy” looks like this coupled with that stupid useless transparent toolbar that reinforce the image of ID today in the eyes of those outside as all looks and no substance. What core is really telling the world here is, look people, we can decorate your whole life to resemble your 5 year old’s room - that’s us!

The old site was staid and square, no doubt, but the new one is just flaky, confusing, poorly resolved graphically and basically a disservice to any design-related professional. Hey Core, design is about SOLVING problems, not creating new ones.

Why not start calling yourselves Juvenile Core, Lite Version instead? At least then people would know beforehand where they’ve landed.