cars on "the island"

who realizes that there are three hightech cars and then there are 2005’s.

thers the caddy, the jet bike and the mack truck. then theres hondas and chrislers.
that bothers me

I haven’t seen that movie yet. I have been wanting to see it, would you recommend it?

From what I have seen and read it reminds me of THX1138 meets The Matrix, but I have heard that this movie doesn’t really say anything, just alot of flashy Michael Bay chase scenes and crazy special effects. When I see it I will have to keep a keen eye out for the vehicles.

he probably blew his budget on special effects and didn’t have the cash to make a futuristic version of an Audi (iRobot) or Lexus (minority report).

Thats a shame. But oh well, it isn’t supposed to be that great of a movie anyhow.


love the boat. i had no idea that was real. its a beautiful thing

but dont you think they could have digitized overlays for cars??? doesnt sound hard to me!


… and you thought Wally World was ‘make-believe’.