Cars for people with heads

It seems the trend in transportation concepts for the past few years has been to drastically chop the tops of the cars to the extent that it looks impossible to drive if you are over 5’3". The new Citroen GQ concept was particularly bugging me, it seemed that the exaggeration not only made it unpractical but also made the car also look very flat.

I attached a quick edit just for conversation and I was wondering what the transportation designers out there thought about the current trend of low profile auto interiors?

I think the push for big wheels inherently pushes up the belt line. Once the belt line raises up you effectively wind up with a smaller greenhouse, though that original image looks rather distorted.

I think that in a lot of newer vehicles, it isnt that the roof is necessarily lower, but the (as cyberdeamon stated) beltline is higher. I remember hearing about how everyone argued the Chrysler 300 designers because the window sills are so high creating a smaller window. I also remember being in a 350z and feeling like I was in a coffin because I could barely see out the window (and im about 6’), even though I had ample headroom. In your example, Im guessing you would only see the head of the driver from the side, rather than the more traditional view of chest up (if that makes any sense)

i thought it was a trend to deal with side impact collision requirements.

Even so, the original image looks really squashed. My primary complaint with it is it is supposed to be a “GQ” concept car and I don’t get the sense of refined menswear at all from it. Tom me, a “GQ” car is a 300sl gull wing or an XK120.

The edit makes it look much more real. Plus I love a little vigilante design.

surley is it not desginers sketch styles actualy getting put into 3d concepts? My course runs along side the automotive designers and alot of the rough sketchs and tighter emotional renders have over proprotioned wheels and dropped rough lines. I saw some sketches on carddesignnews of the new jag XJ like im trying to descibe.

I’m sure that is some of it. This car certainly looks like a sketch! Not always a good thing. The sketch is the start, not the end of the design process. It has to add up in the round.