carry on in the paid studio practice, vs unpaid internship!

Hello there,

Query just for tought on the whold career ladder thing, I currently have 2 years work experience in an italian studio, currently paid the the normal rate for italy, not great but hey, thats design for you. Now currently searching for work for other possibilities, but as the UK is not the best place at the moment with loads of jobs cuts etc, I have found only one real positive chance, which is an unpaid internship lasting 6 months in copenhagen, Now i have some money, but thinking this is a great opportunity, but I would really be thinking about a proper paid job as I have already done 3 months unpaid design work.

Question really is to all you budding and experienced desigenrs; would it be a gamble for nothing to go for the internship, and look at it as an investment for future career prospects or just carry on in paid employment with a small but very good italian studio?

any advice would be greatly appreciated?

I would stay with the paid job. You are not some kid with no track record. Times are what they are, but if you are with an established Italian studio, and you have experience, and your good, that has value. I doubt they will be billing your time for free.

you need to balance the opportunity costs. It’s difficult to comment further without knowing your background/portfolio/current-experience. Staying in an OK paying job could be be good, but it depends if you see a future there or what you are doing.

working in a CPH studio could also be great (DK is and CPH is fantastic ,hough expensive based upon my own personal experiences of living in DK (though not CPH) for 3 yrs)…

Given the limited info you’ve provided I’d suggest (if you can afford it) taking the CPH job, to add to your breadth of experiences and see how things go… the more (experiences) the merrier, I believe.

To some extent it comes down to where you want to be, how you can get there and what you can afford. if none of those things count out the opportunity in DK, I’d say go for it.

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PS. If you need any further insight into Danish culture, feel free to drop me a PM.

currently my experience is 1 year 7 months of furniture design
honors degree in industrial design

for what its worth, im a drifter. i get bored after 1 year and move on. if your young and have no ties, i feel its good to walk the earth and experience it all. adds to your character, and life experiences (inspiration).

Personally I would also take the Denmark internship, IF you can truly afford it. If not, keep looking for something that’s paid! If you´ve got a decent job now, its worth holding on to unless you think that you´ll easily pick up another in 6 months time, which may not be the case depending on the economic climate. Perhaps its worth considering …

I guess it depends on what you like to do. If the Italian studio is not giving you the experience in the industry you like than consider the change.

However, you live in Italy and you have a studio design job…sounds pretty nice.