Carrara 5

Have any of you ever heard of Carrara 5 3D modeling software? I met a guy yesterday that uses it for product development. If any of you know more about it I would love some feed back.


I guess its safe to say judging by the time this has been up and it hasn’t received any replies none of you have heard of this software?

i don’t know what it means exactly. Carrara has been around for a few years (4?), everyone on here has probly at least heard of it, as it gets covered in mags like 3dworld semi-regularly.

i’m not up on the newer versions but i got familiar with v1 and 2. it has some cool features and a very nice renderer. it is considered low-middle end. it was not very extensible at the time, but people were making and selling plugins for it.

they offer a free eval version. check it out. i’m gonna re eval the newer version myself for rendering and doing some vr walkthroughs of my Rhino models.