Carnegie Mellon This Weekend

I’m visiting CMU this weekend with my lady. Any sights to check out? Food that must be eaten??

I’m sure some CMU alums can chime in some better suggestions. I lived there for a few months, but didn’t get to explore too much.

But you gotta try Primanti Brothers. Simple sandwiches, but I think its unique to Pittsburgh. Gotta stop in and try one though.

For Breakfast, theres is Pamalas or DeLuca, both are very clsoe to each other. I never got the chance to eat at DeLucas, but some people swear by it. The Strip District where these are is a pretty cool area to explore too.

Southside or East Carson Street is the giant bar street in pittsburgh. Second longest bar street in the US behind Bourbon street. But Fatheads is a popular sports bar there. They have amazing beer selection and the food is pretty good. Definitely should check it out.

Priamanti Brothers!