Carnegie Mellon School of Design

Can anyone offer some insight into CMU’s Design program? Is it really that good?

Yes, I know it is lame but, CMU’s program is very well designed.

Carnegie Melon is ranked 3rd or 4th by US News and World Report in Graphic Design. They do also have a strong industrial design program too. Its a great, well known and well connected school. One of the most "wired"schools for computer use and internet access in the country.

Andy Warhol is from this school
to name one.

I’m looking at cmu as well…

I know that ID Magazine (International Design), in october 2002, had cmu on their “Design school honor roll”, with a quote from student saying “the best, period.”

hope that helps.

The biggest plus of getting a grad design degree at CMU is the ability to take classes that aren’t design classes (CS, robotics, etc). The design department is fine, but it isn’t exceptional; the computer science stuff, however, is …

As a current student at CMU, I [though no doubt biased] think it’s a great program. I also looked at schools like RISD and Pratt, where everybody does the same thing foundation year, and I love that CMU sends you straight into design from the get-go. However, it’s not the place to be if you’re not absolutely sure you want to do design, as it’s not that easy to switch programs, and nobody ever seems to take as many classes as they’d like outside their major. Email me,, if you have more questions.