Carnegie Mellon Alumni - Check in Please


I was recently admitted to the Design program at CMU vis early decision. It is going to put me in a ton of debt to go.

Could you please share your thoughts about the program? Did they help you find a job after graduation? Internships?
Was it worth the price?


Might be worth your time to go to the website and email some students directly.

Current CMU ID sophomore here.

I and most of my peers at CMU definitely feel your pain with the debt concerns, it is an expensive school, no way around it.
That said, being nearly finished with my second year here I can say there is no place I’d rather be.
It’s not a place that gives you oodles of technical skills, but you really learn how to think and are in an environment that encourages very broad application of the design process.
As long as you are at a reputable school, it’s really going to be your individual ambition and effort that will get you jobs/internships.

One great thing about CMU design is the small class size. Each incoming design class is about 50 people. That number then gets split with about half going communication design and half going industrial design. Starting from freshman year your class has its own studio space where you have your own desk/work area. The design projects are very challenging but you have fun in the struggle as well. I have only good things to say about the design school faculty as well, we have some really great instructors and admin. Only good things to say, really.

I can only say so much , hardly half through the program. But if you want to work in the design field I think CMU provides you with the powerful tools to define your own path therein.

Good luck!