Carleton or Humber? Help! (Canadian Schools)

Okay so I visited the schools and have been researching but it’s still really hard to decide! I’ve been told I’ll make more connections and get more jobs in Humber (and I could commute as opposed to Carleton where I’d have to pay for residence). I’ve also heard that Carleton is a little more engineering based which I like. The main reason im asking is because there is a huge difference in fees, the total for humber would be about $16,000 (residence not needed) and for Carleton almost $50,000. My first choice is carleton but would it really be worth the extra cost?

If anyone works at a design firm or any company what do you notice in the quality of portfolios between the schools? And also anyone who graduated from those schools how was your experience?

Any help is appreciated thanks!

I would also like to mention that I’ve been thinking of also getting an engineering degree after doing ID for a while so I can understand more about the underlying technologies of what I’m designing and make better products. Is it normal for Industrial Designers to get an engineering degree?

Do a search for Carleton and Humber here. It has been discussed many times.

Did you have a chance to go to the Rocket Show recently which had the final work of both schools?

I’ll let you look around some then happy to answer anything that hasn’t been covered already. I’m a Carleton grad. B.I.D. Hon. Co-Op. 2001.