Carl Liu Sketching - Circles

I was prompted by the recent thread about Carl Liu to have a look at his web page. Aside from being an absolutely horrible web page, he has some excellent sketching ability.

One thing I noticed was that all of his sketches have a little circle in them. I saw this before when I was working with a design consultancy a while back. One of the designers had a circle on all of his sketches. I never understood why…anyone have any insight as to what those little circles are for? It seems to be a set up thing…

It is to focus your attention on a specific detail in the sketch aside from being a compositional element that makes it look loose.

^^I agree with MP

Also, his sketches seem to get cluttered in some areas, not much, but enough so that the circle help separate the ideas from one another

I also agree with both comments above. The circles may also be like a signature mark that he likes to add to his work. But the focus comment seems to be the most accurate point thus far. It’s like adding a box or rectangle behind a rendering. Pieces of flare.

I agree with everything above, but the circles are consistent with his designs being that, for the most part, sharp edges are not a part of the sketch. I think it really helps them mesh in with everything which makes them so notable

dudes just practicing his circles, givem a break