Carl Liu Design Book

Does anyone have connections to get me a copy of this book. i’m in the U.S.
thank you

Hi, i have Carl Liu Design Book,But its in Chinese,If you want , maybe i can give a help ,just like a friend of you …
Iam a Chinese Student,But i would be a real Ider soon. hah …
My E-mail:

I wouldn’t think that he would do it that often but I emailed him a couple years ago and told him how much I enjoyed his sketching style and his story of why he wrote the book etc…

So, he suggested we have a book exchange. He sent me his book and I sent a book to him in Beijing. It worked great and his book has helped my sketching skills as well as understanding the design process better. He has a really nice section in there about the Compaq Ipaq.

It’s worth a try to contact him but, perhaps trying to get one from the publisher may be a less bothersome path.

I remember him saying that he was trying to get amazon to carry it.

Good Luck!

it’s going to be on amazon…

it’s going to be on amazon:

I ordered one through blackwell online, it took over a month, but it came.

I got my copy at Eslite bookstore when I was traveling in Asia. Perhaps you can email them?

Just ordered mine here:

oh, I just found out we can get it on amazon in UK.

Did you try to get it online ?
I bet it’s possible via ebay.
I also would try … it’s a search engine for books I use almost daily.
I actually got mine copy as agift from a French friend so maybe you can get lucky in Euro- sites.

The Product Design Forum has it in their shop. I ordered it from there.

Great book. They also have “Sketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designers”