Careful with Hampton Forge

There’s a posting on Coroflot for a designer position at this company. While working for a particular exhibit company back in 2000, one of my first projects was to design Hampton forge a fancy trade-show booth for the housewares show.

After a few iterations of the original concept, they decided to drop everything. Once housewares came around, there was MY design, front and center. They had some other exhibit firm produce MY design.

Just wouldn’t trust these guys. I still use their booth as a portfolio piece, as it was a good design.

Bad karma.

Sorry to hear that happened to you. I saw the position posted.

did they pay your firm for the design work you produced for them? if so it is theres and they can have anyone they want build it for them. don’t bad mouth someone who produced something they bought.

No, I have every right to badmouth them. We did at least 40 hours (well, I did at least) on that project. We were bidding, but typically after the first round, it’s pretty much a given that you’re gonna be granted the project. We went through 3-4 rounds, then the whole thing just up and died.

About 5 months later, MY design shows up at Housewares. They paid us no money at all, and 7 years later, I’m still peeved.

I’ll post the original renderings if anyone doesn’t believe me. It’s an absolute copy.

well if they didn’t pay your firm for 3-4 rounds of work then your firm should have taken them to court for nonpayment, regardless if they used your design or not. what are you pissed about this happens all the time get used to it just make sure you get paid!

It happens a LOT in the exhibit industry. Our CFO was pretty miffed, but decided not to take legal action as it wouldn’t justify the cost. If they can prove that the design was changed 15% (how they calculate that, I’m not sure), then they are in the clear. This was a $200K project, so not something to take lightly.

I’m sure it was just the ethics of one person in the company. One bad apple.

7 years- dude, get over it. Its not like the exhibit co. was yours. Think about how much money your boss looses by having to babysit your ugly mug.

“babysit your ugly mug?” wow, that’s quite harsh. Please continue to hide behind your computer screen.

Well, in 7 years, I’ve made all of my employers quite a bit of money, and that exhibit company should have profited about $50K from that booth design that was ripped off. True, it’s not MY money, but it was money for the people that owned the company. They were good people too, so I have every right to be miffed.

Just warning people. Okay, now go back to hiding, troll.