Career move from studio to in-house

I’ve been working in a mid-size design studio for 2 years now, it was really fun and I learned alot from it. now the studio is being merged by a large corporate company and I begin losing my friends/co-workers/team chemistry. SO, I decide its time for me to move on to new things…

I took time and did a online portfolio/cover letter/resume the whole deal, send it out to dozen of studios I would like to work for, got either no replies or rejection. I know its hard finding a job in US market, especially without any inside connection, but sometimes I just ask myself why is it so hard…

Anyway, my friend/former co-worker is in a global brand coporate in-house design team showed my portfolio to their director and he was impressed enough to ask me out for a dinner meeting. The meeting went well, thanx to Thialand beer, and he asked me to consider joining his small ID team, with almost unlimted resource, to control their global product design. the catch is design is mostly done by OEM venders that requires ID teams supervision and constant travel world wide to maintain regional office strategy. There is one thing that interest me is that this company often hires those “top dog” design firms I’ve applied to create designs for inspiration of in-house design team…I would still get a chance to work with those design studios which is nice.

now comes time to choose. Do I want to keep searching for job (design studio) in USA where the economy seem to be hanging over dark clouds?
or Do I want to work in a corporal environment where office isnt as “nice”, design work isnt as “fun”, but pays good enough for me to enjoy nice things in life? If any of you guys have similiar experience, I would love to see how you survived such transition and how you thrive in it.

many thanx for your time!


Hey, nice stuff man. You’ve got a solid skill set and a reasonably diverse portfolio.

It’s a tough call. I worked for a consulting frim for about 5 years before going corporate. They each have plusses and minusses unique to each situation. It was a good transition for me personally. i love what I do as much as I did before, but have better resorces, more support, and the ability to really help keep the project on track. I do sometimes miss the gunslinging nature of consulting groups, the fast deadlines and diverse project loads, but it was worth it in my case.

My only real advice would be to examine the company’s culture before signing on. They varry quite a bit, and they are seldome design friendly. That was important to me.

sometimes I have strong urge to just move to an isolated island, hunt for food, and live in a cave…no choices need to be made. :laughing:

…my corporate gigs have all been as fast paced as my freeelance work and when i contract out a job to a studio i do not ask any more of them than i do staff…the biggest dif for me is as a corporate id i see each project all the way through to production and beyond…studio work is like designus-interuptus…you never quite finish a project to my mind…design for me is a product conception to grave thing…