CAREER GRAPH of a creative designer

I am 34yr old designer with an art school background and 11yrs of work experience in advertising and interactive firm. I had been most succesful designer in a Indian FIRM for almost 7yrs straight. But for last 2-3yrs I am supposed to manage & train almost 30 designers (all of them are without ART School background, they are skilled in working design S/Ws). I had a tough time, i couldnt manage to train them into good designers. My firm management says FOR LOG TERM CAREER & GROWTH, I SHOULD BE A BETTER MANAGER & TEACHER rather than A GOOD CREATIVE PERSON. Here i am not agree with them, as i cannot teach creative & design. So i tried to look for another JOB. To my most surprise, a 34yr old designer is not in demand, and if someone offers a job its on term of much lesser salary.

I am really get depressed, CAN SOME ONE PLEASE ADVICE ME what are the long term career graph of a creative person. I mean at what age where he designer should be.

Either you can attempt to raise the skills of your designers (this sounds like they are a bunch of production artists) by using good management techniques (e.g. offering rewards for improvement, punishment for laziness, etc) or you can attempt to raise your own skills while working at the current job, and then go out and loof for a new job.