career dilema

Hey. guys… I’ve got a decision to make and in need of some advices… help me!

experience : about 3 years
currently seeking a position which will provide me with solid career path.
freelancing for 6 months now and been working on a specific portfolio to break into a number of specific companies.

I have applied for those specific companies that I wanted to break into about 3 to 4 weeks ago along with other choices…which I have absolutely no interests but applied anyway just for a back up.

and guess what… of course, I did not get any response from those my first choices… still actually waiting and hoping !
I did got an offer from a company that I have NO interests…
The thing is I don’t know what to do…
I mean. I really would like to wait for a little more for my first choices and
look for new openings …but I just can’t wait forever… and I got to make a decision and face the reality.

friends on Core… what are your thoughts on this? I am sure any number of you have experienced things like this… career frustration…
you want the freeway but all you are given is the detour… do I take it or have patience and stick to the first choice…?

Thank you for your helps in advance.

“This is exactly what they mean, when they say, be very very careful, for what you wish for” King Missile

Is the job offer you have NO interest in have any more potential than your current job? If no then you can just tell them you decided to stay where you are for the moment but thank you very much.

If yes, I would let them know you would like 1-2 weeks to decide. At this point you can call up where you want to work and let them know you have an offer on the table, but before you accepted it you want to check in with them.

Best of luck. Navigating this stuff can be tough.

Do you really have “NO” interest at the place you applied which has now offered you something? Why did you apply?

I would caution anyone not to proceed with an application at a place they never want to work. Its Ok to have backups and places not on the top of the list, but if you apply, get an offer and then decline, it could hurt future chances.

The design world is pretty small, and if you dont have a good reason to decline an offer (not enoughg $, another offer, etc.) it just looks bad.

I would recommend as Yo has suggested to call your top choices to check in. Im not sure I would mention you have another offer. If they havent go back to you already ,they may not be interested, and looking as though you are trying to game your way to something better may not help. Nobody likes to get played and if they havent offered you something already, they likely aint gonna jump at the chance of offering you something with an increase since you already are “takedn”.

In regards to taking the position you were offered, you have to weigh the short and long term benefits. If you truly cant picture yourself working there, dont take it, even for short term gain. You arent gonna be happy, will leave in a short time and wont be productive while you are there or grow in your expereinces.

If its an OK gig, but just not your 1st choice, I d say take it for the experience, and give it 2yrs minimum. If you are new to you career, sometimes any experience can be a good one, especially if you dont really know what it would be like.


With big corps sometimes things just get bogged down. One of those places may have an interest in you, but because of other circumstances, hiring someone might have gone on the back burner. Letting them know you have other things in the works with a definite timeline can help them get the necessary approvals accelerated…

Or they might not be interested, or it might not help at all, but you have no offer from them right now, so you have nothing to loose.

too tue. good point.


But your right as well R, you have to be careful not to come off slimy. If you do it right, you are just expressing what you really feel. That you would rather work for these guys, but another co has made an offer so you wanted to do the courtesy of checking in… like giving them first right of refusal.

Yeah, I’d say be careful. I took a job that had promise in the start, but has been lacking lately. Early on, I kind of saw some “warning signs” that would leave me to my current dissatisfaction. I didn’t heed them, and I find myself in the situation I am now. In reality, I’ve got my whole fricken career to find better jobs (just 2 yrs. experience now), but I’m kinda feeling “set back” for not having the patience or foresight to find the “right job”. Now I’m looking for the “right job”, and hoping I don’t make the same mistake again.

Is this job REALLY of that little interest to you?

Does it provide some positive points even if it may not seem “exciting”?

If you do decline, can you sustain a living longer if you wait it out?

If you need to put food on the table period, do it for 2 years and then move on.