I have been working in the design field for 8 years, and I would like to talk to a Career Coach to reassess goals, evaluate skills and achievements, and re-focus. Does anyone know of a Career Coach who has experience in working (although not exclusively of course) with creatives? … or do you know where to look? Thank you!

how about the collective hive-mind of Core77Forums?

I can see the advantage of chatting one on one with someone, however…

It’s a good question, and I wish organizations like IDSA addressed this need in the industry.

I did some more research and I may have found some names. I will go from there.

I think that this is a fabulous creative community, and I could seek advice on this topic here, but I feel like I want to at least narrow it down a bit first, then I would still love to have a mentor or professional advice.

Managing your career, and work life balance can be very difficult. I think seeking a mentor or mentors is very important and I’ve had a few very good ones and try to play the role myself. It pretty crazy out here these days!

As far as I understand “freetomatoes” aka communistvegetables, he doesn’t look for
a mentor inside the industry but for a professional placement advisor, who is familiar
with the design trade. I know recruiting agencies in the fields of law work for individuals
seeking as well as for employers seeking, but have never seen a carreer coach for design officers.??