Career Change

Ok so I cant say my question is a whole lot different than the previously posted one. I am a 7 year hairdresser. I am not rich. I thought I’d throw that out there. I have had a growing obsession with bicycles for quite a while and after working a hairshow in Austin Texas at the same time and out of the same hotel an International Industrial Design convention was happening, I realized I might be able to marry my creativity and my love of Human Powered Machines. I am definitely looking for the quickest way to change my career. I would love to even apprentice and get my experience that way. Id even give free haircuts! I know that this is highly unlikely to happen though. So, for a guy who knows very little about the industry he’s about to dive into, any advice?


you have the distinct advantage of knowing exactly where you’d want to land after completing an education.

ID tends to be a very broad educational process, applicable to any of a variety of sub-specialities. (with the exception of programs specializing in car design or furniture, toys)

there are several ID schools in Texas to check out, and you’d benifit from in-state tuition. Taking as much engineering as you can would definitly help

I’m afraid there may not be a quicker path to exactly what you want.

great, thank you so much. Ill look into it. Any Texas school you would recommend in particular?

I’d look at everything you can find, check the IDSA list of accredited programs to start.
there may be some people on the boards currently enrolled to talk to…