career change from i.d. to architecture

HI !

I have completed I.D. school with masters and have a couple of years experience. Does anybody know of architectural schools in the U.S. that would consider the i.d education experience and give concessions towards starting an arch. degree in 2nd year or 3rd year ?

Anybody gone this route ? I am interested in studying for an arch. degree with the least amount of study possible, using my existing i.d.ed. and exp.

Thank You !

Yea, Check out Clemson. I graduated from Auburn Univeristy I.D and thought about going to Arch. school, auburn wouldnt even give me a year off of a 5yr program, and i believe clemson would have given me a couple off.

are you considering a bachelors in arch or masters? I believe there are several arch grad programs are structured to accept students with non-arch undergrad degrees. I’ve had a friend, classmate and a house mate that each entered a grad program with a political science, ID and philosphy undergrad degree. I think the school will access your skills and recommend the appropriate classes to round out a masters. It may still end up being a 3 year program anyway.