Cardinal Interaction Designer


I saw this job details -- error encountered

Are you looking for help or are they trying to replace you? Sorry to be nosey, I was just curious.

I’m looking for at least two more Interaction Designers as our need for embedded, PC & Web software UI is growing. We actually have a few more positions open, and I expect several more through the end of the year. Referrals welcome!

dear cg (and others)

I have oft come across the requirement
“Exemplary skills in visual design for electronic media”

Cud u eplain what kind of company/profile would give such an exposure. I am a prod designer , just out of school.



Anyone developing products with electronic user interfaces.

This is still largely in the domain of software engineering which explains why so many things are so difficult to use. Industrial Designers can frequently influence the design, but Interaction Design is a more appropriate discipline, bringing different emphasis and slightly different approach and method to the usability table.

This is why I have opened the position to Industrial Designers as well as the traditional HCI/Interaction Design community.