Cardboard Furniture

Hello everyone, I have heard of cardboard furniture … someone can tell me something, as I am, where I can find them and especially if someone has them can tell me what do you think?

Hi!!! here you can find some cardboard furnitura, chairs, clocks, table…

I think they are art objects rather seen the material and above all very suitable for children

If you google “cardboard furniture” you will probably get 554,000 hits, like I just did; where to buy, what’s available, how-to-make, cardboard design sites, etc.

Frank Gehry’s “Easy Edges” series of chairs (starting around $900) might cause you to rethink your cardboard-as art object/children’s furniture comment.

I think cardboard furniture is more of an art and actually not very usable in real life. A few years ago some students from architexture department built cardboard sofas/lounge type seats and put them everywhere in our universcity. In a couple of weeks those seats were worn, full of stains and ugly. Cardboard furniture usually presents itself as eco friendly but rarely is. Most of that stuff is made out of brand new cardboard to get that nice and clean look, not from old packaging like some advertize (the beat up, torn cb boxes that wouldnt be half as nice). And looking at the layouts of those chairs...thats a massive amount of cardboard that goes into them. Considering the lifespan of the product and the amount of materials/resources, I think this stuff is for show only.

I really want to buy cardboard furniture’s for my home but i really don’t know, where can i buy cardboard furniture’s? I want to buy cardboard furniture with best designs and of good quality in affordable price. So if anyone know the stores where i can buy the best cardboard furniture’s please do reply me. I will appreciate your reply. :smiley:

The interesting thing about Gehry’s Easy Edges series is the velour like quality that was achieved from the end grain of the cardboard. Not that it was eco-friendly at all, but in terms of material finish, it’s something quite unique.

dsi123, have you been to Autodesk’s 123D website? You might be able to build yourself some cardboard furniture. Your post reminded me of this :

Furniture is expensive, and during these hard economic times, many people don’t have the money to spend on nice furniture. However, cardboard furniture is a simple solution to the problem. They’re cheap and easy to make, and they don’t have to look bad…

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