Cardboard Furniture

I just want to ask you, if someone knows some cool links about furnitures, chairs and tables made from cardboard (not the Gehry one please!), please post it here for me.

Thank you all.

The campana brothers from brazil did cardboard furniture.

Shiguru Ban made a pavillion from cardboard tubes, It’s an interesting application of the material.

You could also research homless cardboard shelters.

Thank you mogus for that information, but I would like to see some links here that I can follow, to see some pics and others.

thank you


OK - Bryce Ludwig thank you for the tipp about copy/paste, but I have to tell you that I allready tryed and I was not happy with the results. Just for your sugestion I will try again.
Seriously, I asked for link because we are in a design forum, and not because I can`t do for myself, and here I can find some good advise.
So - thanx for the link, and I know that you are a good person.


OK, I see that no one can help me with some usefull link.
If someone can post a link for me in the near futer please just post it here.
I`m cheking the topic every day.


Thank you Guest, its a very good link. Ive heard about the RETURDESIGN, ans I saw some works too, and I see their page is very usefull.

Thanx again Guest!!!

There are several interesting examples of cardboard furniture at this link:

Lazy ass.

So cool~~
Thank you so much for the correction in link. It would be great if you could
share more stuff. Anybody who have any development sketches,ect

Here’s a german company specializing in cardboard furniture:
Reasonably priced and nice (I’ve got the shelf sheep myself)

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