Card chair

Hi Guys! Please give some feedback to a possible design concept i have for a chair…for a games room :slight_smile: …thinking of making the legs from stainless steel and the seat from maybe fiberglass.

The cut outs look very sharp and risky to get something caught in.

The cut outs look very sharp and risky to get something caught in.

That would be calling a “spade” a blade. . … those little pointy bits do look potentially painfully, especially when you tried to slide off.

You’ll need a “stretcher” between the arches … there is nothing to prevent the ends from spreading. The forward portion of the seat is unsupported; there is nothing to prevent it from bending down?

And you’re going to have to spend some time dealing with fasteners; you’ve shown what is essentially a two-dimensional form … what holds these three-dimensional pieces together? Bolts, welds, etc.


Hi Guys! Thanks for all the feedback, i kinda suspected the cut-outs would be a problem :frowning: and yes i see now how the legs might spread under the weight :blush: i guess its back to the drawing board. :slight_smile:


No, not so much … smiley asked for feedback on his design concept, and constructive criticism is what s/he needed, and got.

I’ll step out on a limb and guess that smiley is “new” to design and engineering, and probably doesn’t have too much hands-on experience in “mechanics”… YET. smiley, a few study scaled-down models would help you out a lot I think, say 1/8 actual size (+/-); they will help you get a grasp of the strength of materials and joinery details. They don’t necessarily have to be actual materials you envision in your concept to help you develop a sense/intuition for the mechanical problems one might encounter.

Consider: As thin as your “supporting arches” appear (as rendered) you can understand how they would tend to flatten out when a load in placed in the seat (without something (the term is: stretcher) to prevent the ends of the arches from moving apart). Now, imagine how much thicker those arches would have to be to resist that tendency without a “stretcher”. A simple design consideration really … if the desired effect is unsupported “arch” then they will have to be strong enough to resist the load; thicker, deeper section, etc.

The seat has it’s own issues … how would you make it strong enough to resist bending while still maintaining the light, airy, feel of that in your rendering?

Lots of stuff to learn. So yeah, it’s back to the drawing board… . you’ll be spending the rest of your life there if you intend to stay in “design”… :wink:

Please keep posting.

Thanks Lmo!
Yes i am new to ID on this LEVEL but have done some metal fabrication/design in the past, by the way i am in Jamaica and i think the CORE77 designers are really teaching me a lot about the VALUE of the WORK of DESIGNERS… :slight_smile: wish i knew of this years ago. here is something designed and made by me back in the day! I hope to share as much as i have recieved
being here as time goes on. :slight_smile:

Even without the cutouts it looks like it would be really uncomfortable. Because you would be laying back more, your spine would be right up against the hard surface with your body weight. This is why most chaise lounge chairs like this are padded. It’s different then sitting in an upright chair where your body weight is on your bum.

Definitely go the route of smaller models before you jump into the full size version.