Carbon Motors E7 Cop Car

CONNERSVILLE, IN — Today, Carbon Motors Corporation, a new homeland security company, announced at a “Rally for American Jobs” that the State of Indiana, Fayette County, and the City of Connersville would be its new home.

The E7’s turbodiesel engine is rated at a claimed 300 hp and 420 pound-feet of torque, and a six-speed automatic drives the rear wheels. Carbon claims it will hit 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and go through the quarter-mile in 14.5 seconds at 98 mph. Top speed is said to be 155 mph. Combined city/highway fuel economy will be 28-30 mpg, says Carbon.

3.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine, the only one available … is believed to be a BMW inline 6-cylinder unit, though Carbon doesn’t disclose a supplier or even the number of cylinders. ooo…spooky security hush, hush… . .

Carbon E7

What would Broderick Crawford have said?

Did they have to use Brush Script on the front fender? Gross.

I really like the interior. Sweet.

Why does the logo look like a Renault logo? Perhaps that’s where the engine is from?

The exterior is good. I wonder if this will ever see production though. Obviously, margins are higher on a police car than a sedan, but can they really make money at this volume? I dunno.

I find it hard to believe that a car doing 0-60 in 6.5 can run the 1/4 in 14.5…

I’m all for unique cop cars, I’m sick of looking over my shoulder every time I see an impala or charger.

“a new homeland security company,” :unamused: Their Robocop car is already crypto-fascist enough without the Orwellian press release language.

Is that a Chrysler 300 under the skin, or is the greenhouse, overhang, and fender flare resemblance just a coincidence? I also doubt 300hp is enough to push that brick to 155mph. And I highly doubt the 30mpg highway claim. But as it’s a government procurement program, I’m sure the specs on delivery, as well as the price, are subject to change wildly (and always for the worse). Don’t be surprised when the real thing costs $75k, does 0-60 in 10 seconds, tops out at 110mph, and requires an engine rebuild every 15,000 miles.

Given the abuse that police cars see, if I were in charge of buying them my primary concern would be parts cost, parts availability, and ease of service. Acceleration and top speed are irrelevant in a world where high speed chases are usually called off to avoid endangering civilians.

The red and blue pursuit lights faired into roof above the windscreen are clever. The full 90° swing “suicide” doors in the back, completely devoid of anything to grab onto, are interesting. I’m wondering what that rationale is behind their purpose; easier to get a perp in and out; no place for the guy to go, but toward the arresting officer, if he makes a break for it?

Interior; front seat

Interior; rear seat [note easy hose-down “upholstery”]

Price hasn’t been announced yet … . but a “standard” out-of-the-box Detroit cruiser runs about $80K; slightly more with the optional doughnut holder.

Not quite Renault, but close.

My car has 300 hp, does 0-60 in 5.4 seconds, easily hits 155 and with the limiter removed can hit about 170 (proven on the autobahn)… My last trip was from Pittsburgh to New Jersey and back, I averaged almost 32mpg.

Turbos are wonderful things.

I’ve read about this in Automobile, it is supposed to be a ground up chassis design, not based on anything currently in production.

I don’t know what car you have, but I’m guessing it’s a bit more aerodynamic that this. But you’re right, 300hp might be enough. Does anyone know what engine this is supposed to be though? 300hp is a lot for a 6 cyl diesel. The BMW 335d engine (3.0l I6, turbo) is only 265hp. This whole thing seems scammish. Developing a platform from scratch is a huge, huge job for a small startup. And for what? Municipalities will go with the low bid every time, especially now when they are all broke.

And I still see a lot of 300C in that side profile.

From what I’m reading the “space frame” chassis is aluminum with clip-on plastic exterior components, and was designed by Lotus Engineering (they’re providing chassis to Tesla).

It does sound a bit scammy. But if they are sourcing globally, they won’t need the traditional MoTown style automobile factory. And with only this one very specialized model; one engine package, and one trans package offered, costs should be held in check I would think. At between $70-80K it’s within the price range of stock Detroit police-converted iron, and with clip-on body components it may be easier/cheaper to maintain “in-house”. In any case, with the DHS seal of approval on it, I wouldn’t bet against there being some Obamadollars available to subsidize local municipalities. With Chevrolet chumping out on the production of it’s gasoline DOHC V8, any suitable rearwheel drive cars they were working on will be put on hold. And with sales now limited expressly to fleet sales, how long will FoMoCo continue to manufacture the Jurassic Crown Victoria? I’m just saying the timing may be right for a very specific vehicle.

“The company’s Carbon Council, an informal advisory board has ensured that the E7 is “designed by law enforcement for law enforcement.” The Carbon Council is comprised of active and retired law enforcement professionals and government personnel. The Carbon Council has over 1,300 members representing all 50 states.”

I can’t find anything on the “space frame”, or the engine manufacturer; it’s too spooky … . wouldn’t want the bad guys to know it’s weaknesses ( makes a viable excuse).

Mines packing less than you at 223hp but will do the 0-60 5.4. Turbos are great, but pair it with all wheel drive and it will knock you socks off.

I had to post this. This was a joint effort of these guys and SCAD. Even though I went to the school, I don’t know what to think of the exterior of this car. looks a bit weird to me. I am really loving the interior though. I have always said that this would be one hell of a student project and they finally did it. I got to see some of the development work and it was pretty cool to see the students building full scale mocks of the interiors and having the cops come test them out.

I would think they are using a Mercedes diesel, as it would already be EPA approved. The E320 engine has a 210 hp V6. This is similar to the 3.0, 215 hp V6 in Jeep products. I know jack about diesel…could these be retuned to deliver the 300 hp? I would think so.

PackageID: Wow…I wish I could have seen that development work. It sucks for us paid designers that they used slave-labor on this thing though.

PackageID: Wow…I wish I could have seen that development work. It sucks for us paid designers that they used slave-labor on this thing though

I agree, but it is good experience for the students. SCAD does quite a bit of this. When I was there they had a class (3 quarters long) design and build a fully functioning speed boat. Almost everyone that worked on that project is now a marine designer. They have also done some work with JCB do heavy equipment and when I was there I worked on the interior of a public transport trolley. They are not a transport design school by any means, but they do provide a bit of that for their students and teach them to really think about what the interactions are in the situation.

Automobile has a great review of the idea this month, they bring up some great points about how this business case doesn’t really work.