Carbon Fiber?

I want to know if there is a way to increase or decrease the flexibility and rigidness of the material? What is the difference between a carbon fiber spring plate(ex. Zoom Kobe 1) and a carbon fiber shank plate(ex. Zoom Kobe 2)? I was hoping YO, Rkuchinsky, or another person knowledgeable about the material could answer my question.

I do not know the product you mention

But carbon strength is based on number of layers, layer thicknes, fiber direction (woven and or Uni Directional (UD), resin used, amount of resin in the product, hand layup/pre preg, combined with (or not) vacum, oven time + temp.+ pressure.

There is a way of making it very strong/stiff and brittle (F1 nose cone)
Ther are ways of making it strong but flexible but still posible to us at fabric (motorcycle gloves, racing suit, shoes)

Making an existing product “stronger” is posible by adding material, “softer” (less strong) by removing material (sanding)

The theory is complex but can be done by some one at home.
You do NOT need pre-preg, an oven, vacum, special resin to make a carbon product.


You can get CF it to be as stiff or as bendy as you want.

Interestingly Nike’s new limited edition Mercurial SL soccer boot uses for the UPPER, as well as the sole plate(?) Check it out in the month’s Wallpaper, nowhere on the net yet…

They are similar, the spring plate is a bit more full length and designed in a specific way. The traditional shank plates where used in Jordans to help with MJ’s planer fasciitis problems, and they spread around the industry (where they could be afforded, it is an expensive part), but for it to be functional for arch issues, it has to be fairly rigid, which can lead to cracking if it is not properly designed.

Thanks for the responses. I haven’t seen those carbon fiber gloves or the soccer shoe made of carbon fiber yet. Yo I checked out your site and your stuff is crazy, especially the blue sandle looking thing. It just shows I have a long way to go.

try a carbon fiber and kevlar weave, this has good properties for certain psorting disciplines such as sprinting, you do need to play with the lay up though

Damn, MD…You have some SICK stuff on your site bro! Those blk/slvr and wht/red J’s with the straps are insane!

havent seen the nike boot yet, but i know that carbon fibre can be used soft if not impregnated with the resin that gives it the strength/felxibility in normal apps. can really see any point to it though, and in the end the fibre wouldnt behave much differently than a nylon or poly fibre i would expect. more marketing BS i suppose…


Here is the boot, i guess.

Ah geese.

Yeah, it’s cool in theory, but is that really neccessary?

Thanks for posting that pic karabo…

Yep that’s it.

Now, I’d be really impressed if they could mold the studs rigid with the same layup of CF, and still have the softer resin on the upper portion. One layup with a stiff sole, but flexible in the forefoot and soft and conforming on the upper.

Bought these a few months ago:

Puma v1.06 i FG’s

Taken from puma site: “a 0.6 carbon fiber plate reduces the weight of the outsole while offering optimal pressure distribution and forefoot flexibility”

I wouldn’t say I have really noticed a difference in any of these areas compared to my old Adidas Predators. Is it really necessary, I wouldn’t say so. But hey those Nike Mercurials are pretty hot…

Never been a fan of these shoes, in both style and comfort. But the carbon serves the purpose of stiffening the sole for maximum power transfer from foot to pedal in road cycling.

Check out a cool 3D viewer here: Shimano Cycling Shoes

That’s probably the simplest and best implementation of a 3D viewer I have seen yet.

very nice, but it’s more of a flipbook, not really 3d.

true enough. If it was true 3D with that zoom feature, that would be the best implementation of a 3D view I have seen.

I take it back :wink:

“true 3d” like if it jumped out of your screen hologram style?

THAT would be the ultimate…


Come on… where’s the imagination- I expected more.

Could it jump out from the screen hologram style… and can I try it on for fit?! Sweet…

Top that!

Screw the hologram…Star Trek Repilicator style. Try them on. Give me the ability to run a 9.80 100 Meter dash.

(currently strutting around the office flexing and pointing at my pocket protector)

Rich: if you leave carbon fibre raw, will it not delaminate through the layers?

The fibre response really depends on the layup of layers, my concerns with the material is that it can shatter under large force