Carbon Fiber Mesh Finish Mock-Up

I’m working on the block model of my thesis project for my degree show.
I have some bits of my product that have a carbon fiber mesh finish and I was
wondering if any of you guys have ever made a block model with such finish.
I’m thinking of using a decal of the carbon fiber texture on the model and after it dries spray on some clear lacquer to give it the gloss finish.
Any other suggestions?
Thank you for reading through!

That’s probably the easiest way to do it.

Otherwise, there are airbrush techniques for painting carbon fiber using window screen/drywal tape as a stencil. Basically you spray a black base, spray silver through the screen, shift the screen a tick to the side, spray a graphite gray. Then clear coat. Looks pretty good, I’ve seen it in person. Google it.

I’ve seen sheet styrene (.060-.080 thick) with the mesh “printed” right in the material. Probably used for low relief vac-forming. I have a piece in the shop, not sure where it came from. I think it looks like the real stuff. You may find a plastic supplier who knows/has a piece as a sample. Some places send free material samples. Good luck.