Carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing method?

Supernaut - Time makes a great frame - years ago the sales reps would bring 3" sections of each tube to show the internal geometry

I think the constructiopn techniques are starting to trump the materials.

It is easy to make a tube, but it is tough to make a joint.

I have sold hundreds of carbon bikes back in the day- I started to key in on proprietary techniques that would slip out of the technical guys at hte trade shows.

For example a carbon rimed wheel manufacturer was using a freezer to store his special carbon sheets - he claimed to have only 8 minutes to remove tha packaging around the frozen sheet and get it layed up in the mold. after eight minutes the material would degrade by percentages per minute

He aslo claimed to have the highest mold pressures for removing air between the sheets and stiffest bladder materials.

Again claims, but interesting non marketing blah blah from a guy who actually had worked the fiber with his own hands.

What you have to offer a lot more useful.