Car Key Design

Hey, long time reader, first time poster.

So I just bought a new Ford Focus, I have been impressed with their redesigns over the last year or so. But I just cannot seem to understand why they would not design a better key housing. I am in the consumer products industry (Junior position) so any thoughts on why they would neglect to design this part of the car? Seems to me that the one thing you always have on you should have at least a little bit of a design to it. I know Audi and such have really nicely designed keys, I know the Focus isn’t in the same class as Audi, but I mean c’mon.

Cost and the value to the consumer. Ford has used this key for quite a few years now. The consumer is (I imagine) more motivated to look a new car based on its design and features. After all, they only see the key once they’ve made it to the test drive.

I agree with Taftos though. They could have a better Ford key across the line. Especially because their vehicles are pretty design driven. The key is the talisman for the entire experience. In your purse or pocket, hanging on a hook in your house or apartment, on your desk at work, they key should represent what Ford wants to be in the world. Understood it has to hit a cost, but within that boundary there is still room for a good design solution.

My new Audi Key on the flip side could have been a little simpler maybe. I love my “switchblade key” from my 2001 TT. The S5’s key is pretty massive in comparison, perhaps all the near-field communication packed inside.

I’m curious to se other brand’s keys. Post yours up.

BMW actually brands the key specific for each “Line” of the 3 series, although since the car is completely keyless, it spends most of it’s life zipped up in my coat pocket. Although I kind of wish they built it based on your actual interior/trim color. My interior is red and silver but the key is black and blue.