Car designer in Italy

Any comments on what car designers can expect to earn in Italy. Turin to be specific.
I am an entry level designer with 1 year experience and design degree from major car design school in the U.S

Not much, 1000 euros ish per month after tax, if your straight out of school? definately worth it for the experience!

Hi wonthave posituions overvthere for an mechanical engineer interest in design? 1000 is alot better than 250 a month I was offered initally 250 a.m. in germany but ended up saying I would need more so my advice would be go for it for a year or two if not get on the horn to me and i will take it man.

It is funny that stereotypes that Engineers can’t spell. I use Word then cut and paste over to the post dialog box. Try it. It does not always work though. I failed third grade so I missed all those important words.

One of our new hires did an internship I think at Alfa Romeo in Italy but he has a masters in vehicle design. I will ask him to check out this post. I think auto designers are quite abundant.

I know some GM ID’ers and they mess with light reflections on a head lamp for two weeks. There is a lot less glory in Automobile design than you think. Most of it is interiors.

great info and point well made, but you didn’t answer his question

cardesigner, do you speak from experienced or just knowledge through the grapevine? Just curious

hey !! thats me… :confused: I made the workshop/internship at Alfa Romeo in Milan… you can see the car in the magazine auto&design n. 148, the black one. I didn’t get money for that but I know a bit about the field, and I agree with “car designer”.

Money depends a lot if you are working by project or as a modeler or if you are part of the studio staff. Or as Bart ‘design-engine’ said, in the interiors… what do u like best?..

and honestly… before talking bad about Italy I want to know if you are Italian… haha lol Italian design is falling

but it’s ok, Turin is stronger than Milan in Car Design. Keep your mind open to countries like France, Spain, Germany or even USA…

why don’t you show us some of your concepts?.. :wink:

Yes I do speak from experience, but I also have several friends who now work out there, and they would all agree with the original statement that i made? Bad money, good experience!

Car designer…with a 1 year exp. you sure’ll have a lot of possibilities.
I mean, as designer team.
Please stop it looking for stage or short term contract…low money and low quality of job place…a lot friends comes here with one or less exp. and accept to be underpay. The result is a lot pf person angry with Italy…with italian people and italian design…car or not.

Anyway in Turin, cause Milan apart Arese in Alfa Romeo and Zagato or some other little center isn’t the right place, it’s full of car design center…and factories…related or not with Fiat Auto…or parallel brands.

As first design team job you can enter in a range of 900/1.200 tax free euros. But this is only an example. Of course thi is only a skill base oriented contract term. As I told you…this isn’t a stage or 3/6 months term.
Then…consider which are your skills.
I mean sketching? Cad modeler? Modeler?..this is nother factory they will move up or down your earn contract. Turin is now under the egemony of the Cad modeler factories…sadly. But place like Inovo is working with new technology digital sketching…and people all over the world is now in turin working.

Consider now that Turin cost of life is not Milan. It’s cheaper…you can have for 180 E for year a car sharing service, with 400E a small house…or less if you will share your house…and Turin is now turning in a better city…near to the Winter Olympic Games.

Then, dear asantillan, please before saying “haha lol Italian design is falling”…yours is not a polite attitude…and not a proven fact…sorry but I’m italian

Good luck dzine for your job hunt and have fun in Italy…

Well… do you think that I said it only as a personal opinion??.. I heard that from Italians first (students and workers), and you know… that’s horrible for new foreign student that goes to that country believing that you are the best… but after two years I agree with them and not because Italian design is bad, I think there’s amazing Italian stuff with a very high level design and good schools too… I said that because I saw some bad critics about the furniture fair in Milan and others about the Italian car’s quality against the French and German cars…

Sorry men/ladies… but your country needs more people like you, that maybe still believing in their country and instead of talking bad about their predecessors, start to continue what they had started before… you know, I met an Italian guy who is teaching now in Mexico, and he’s there because Italian firms and companies are hiring more foreign designers than Italians… could you tell me why?

I like the girls there though…haha