car design

my current design,thank you very much if you can give some advices…

Cool rendering. I’m not too sold on the design though. It seems to be pieced together from a lot of different cars. I’m not a big car guy like some on the boards so some of my names might be wrong but the front bumper bottom looks like it’s from Jeep, the hood from the VW Beetle, the kidney grill from BMW, logo from Pontiac, the wheel arches and top/windows (greenroom?) from the Chrysler 300 creased look and the back/trunk from Audi.
I would try to make sure there are more consistent design elements or “themes” throughout the whole design to tie all of the parts together. The design seems to take a lot of cues from different places that don’t go together. For example, an orange is good, a steak is good, and so is chocolate milk, seperately. But an orange, steak, chocolate smoothie drink may not work very well all blended together. Good luck, lets see some more variations. Thanks for sharing.

thanks.very useful advices…

Is there a background/ theme to the car? Think of one and then think of who you would see driving it and see what they would like and you can build up from there. This design is very well executed (except for the side window and the vent on the door), but it seems like it lacks a theme.

I got ideas from chinese traditional opinions to “Tang”,the Dynasty had very deep spirits about life.thanks …


It can be difficult to judge a concept from one final image. Often you will get subjective comments like “I like it” or “I don’t like it”

What would help people to give better opinions are :

Image boards showing who the consumer is, and what your inspiration points are

Research into your mechanical package; is this a traditional gas vehicle? What other vehicles does this compete with and how is it better than those vehicles?

Initial sketches showing how you explored solutions involving the above

Concept renderings

Initial surface development

THEN, the final rending shots (multiple views)

I will upload more project informations and sketches ,but maybe a litter later.
I think I need more opinions to make a litter far step.thX very much.

As Yo! said, might want to back up your idea.

Personally, I find that the surfacing bothers the projected image of the car. Because of how the lighting strikes the body of the car, I cannot have an overall image of it. Try looking out some tutorials about class A surfacing or at least get some notions of it. I hope that will help you for you future projects!

-Saad B.

thanks very much
about class A surfacing ,i want to know more,but i find it is more a feeling about surface,does someone can tell me more about it?

It’s a Chrysler. That’s what I think when I see it. Reminds me of the cars from a few years ago.

The large wheels, protruding fenders, and low top are very retro 1930’s. A bit ‘Dick Tracy’ meets mid-engine.

i like it, but would square out the front end and match the rear. audi? chrysler? whos it for? or aimed at?

fine render there, but as already mentioned, a moodboard along with the process would make a difference