Car Design Survey

Hi, I’m Jonathan Lee, an Industrial Design student.
This semester, the choice of products I am about to design this semester has been narrowed down to three cars: a city car, a sports car and a family car. Please answer these fairly short surveys, they will help me decide on a product to pursue upon for my project. Your input will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Having taken your survey, it seems like a lot of your questions are built around assumptions of what cars have always been, and as such your data will be limited to the boundaries set by those assumptions.

Thanks for those that have completed the surveys, they were much help. Also, thanks bcpid for the feedback, I know better now (I hope).

Now that a year has passed, I have been given a new, self-directed project. Which means I have to create a new survey. As with last year, please spare just a few minutes to answer this survey, as it would help me define problems with current products and in turn, help me decide which product to focus on. Your input, as always, will be much appreciated.

Also, feel free provide any feedback and suggest any improvements to be made. I am still very much a beginner in this field and wouldn’t mind being shown the ropes.

Thank you!