Car Design Renders: Looking for feedback

What to include more of in my transportation design portfolio?

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Hi everyone,
Brand new to the Core 77 forums. I’m a transportation design graduate looking to improve my car designs in terms of quality, proportion and finished renderings to bring my portfolio to the next level. Any advice is much appreciated.

Robert, I think to help your rendering game level up you need to clean up how you show surfacing and in general not be afraid of 100% hardness edge/brushes. When I look at your PS sketches, the over reliance of just soft values to show form ends up making the car look very smudgy and doughy, and it’s hard to read what the surfacing is actually doing. What’s missing from all of theses sketches is going back and crisping them up so that surfaces and transitions are defined. Even the most organic reflective forms have hard puddles to help define form.

A youtube channel I really found helpful is Sketch-it BR, linking one of them videos here for your reference, hope it helps and keep grinding!

Thanks Kevin,
That video was really helpful and I see what you mean about it being hard to read what the surfaces are doing in my renders. I find the most difficult areas are the theoretical sections on the front or back in 3/4 view. My wheels have always been somewhat of a week point I feel also. Do you ever render over a 3D modeled wheel or just come up with your own designs in 2D? All of the awesome sketches I see on instagram or behance have some crazy cool looking wheels. I might try making a few wheels in Fusion 360 and then use those to render over in 2d for my renders.
I appreciate the feedback especially from someone who has some excellent sketching skills.