Car design On the web

Where are the best places on the net to learn about car design? I’m particularly interested in the suspension and braking systems.
I know there are many places you can learn about the design, yet alot of it is very boring/dry to read, lacking in visuals and any interaction.
I have come across some good sites, here are examples of what I like:


Is there any recommended software available where you can learn about design, or technical videos discussing design?


you can find articles like this by doing a search for automotive suspension design

i doubt that there’s any place on the net where they explain things like suspension design or brake systems because car or part companies don’t design suspensions or parts without having a car to design it for. they might do research on new ways to design a suspension but it won’t be complete without a real car that will use it.

if you do the search you might also find some cad software.