Car Concept sketch

Hi,friends! This is my car concept sketch and hope that you could give me your comments. There are more works on my studio website shown on the image( Thanks! :slight_smile:

They’re awesome sketches! Great perspective, confident strokes and great use of colour and highlights in your rendering.

Mind if I post them on a new website I’m in the midst of creating?… or maybe you want to post them there with your own name? It’s early days for the site but your sketches would be a great addition and are definitely fresh! :smiley:

Hi dave,

Thanks for your comments for this sketch. I would like to view your website and post some new works later :slight_smile: .

Thanks Renris, I appreciate you taking the time to pop by and post your sketch. Hopefully you’ll post some more because I’m a huge fan!

It’s early days for the website so can I just ask how you found the registration and submit process? Easy enough?

They look slick, and have a kinetic feel. However in this view I cannot see the form in my mind very well. The high viewing angle is neat but not how you actually see cars so the proportion to real life reference is lacking. Also it looks screwed to force the speed feeling, this is not bad but an observation. Do you know what I mean about that first part? I don’t walk down the street and see cars from fifteen feet in the air. Keep up the good work.

Hi simon, thanks for your feedback.
I know your mean about your first part.
I would like to take your opinion that draw a adapt perspective from user view for future design.

Draw some perspective lines, that might help putting your ellipses in correct perspective. No matter how pretty the rendering looks, incorrect ellipse perspective makes the whole sketch look off. Learn from Scott Robertson he’s a master at perspective, and drawing through.

That’s really a great looking sketch, definitely exceeding my ability. As David said, very confident lines. The shaded version looks really good too, but for me the Canson style isn’t working. The tan portions on the car recede to the background - they look like holes. Usually Canson sketches have much simpler shading - some highlights and shadows added (shades of black & white), with the paper color acting as a medium tone. You’ve taken the rendering far beyond that, so you don’t need that medium tone of the paper. Part of the problem may be that you have the medium tone of the paper where I think you want brighter, almost highlight tones.