Can't wait for Made in USA show...

Finally, a real TV design show!!! With a real designer. Yes!


Karim we owe you one!

Hes not a real designer!
And from what i have seen it looks like a bit of a joke.
But im going to watch it anyway

Karim just feeds the stereotype that designers are just people who make pretty (although his stuff is bloated, not pretty) things and wear funny clothes.

I will admit he’s good at self branding and promotion though. I guess he can be a lousy designer all the way to the bank.

I can’t believe how jaleous people get of him. Wow!

and patti labelle is a “guest EXPERT” give me a break

Im not jealous! theres no other famous designer i dislike its just his work is crap. very very very crap. im pissed-of because everyone on my course at collage is 1000 times better that him but when we graduate half of us wont even get jobs.

I’m not jelious of him he’s an egotistical asshole

Well, who is the ultimate judge of your design other than the user? Why not John Doe from down the street?

Regardless of if it’s crap or not, people still buy his stuff. Does it tell you that the users simply have no taste? The man got it down, he knows how to promote himself, his design, and get there. Do your project always speak your intent? His stuff does, even if it’s crap.

Yeah yeah yeah. blah blah blah. I am saying they got a group of “expert guests” and they picked patti labelle to represent that group. Did you read up on the show at all? They had the dude who came up with atari, the dude who brought the super soaker to market, and patti labelle. Dont quote me and reply with that response.

OK. :slight_smile: You win.

Regardless of if it’s crap or not, people still buy his stuff. Does it tell you that the users simply have no taste? The man got it down

Really? Is that why his Method dish soap bottles are nowhere to be found anymore? Usually stores like Target pull stuff off the shelves when its not selling well…

Actually, I see them a lot… end aisle at linens 'n things

They are HUGE in real life

so his intent is to make crap? :wink:

intend to make crap? no he thinks its good

the problem isn’t karim its the american public they are so thick they think what he duos is “good design” so thay buy it.

I can tell by your writing skills you must be from the south. I don’t think anyone, especially the mass public, thinks that Karim Rashid’s work is cool. Mention one single commercial success he’s been involved with. He is only good at promoting himself.


his work for umbra (garbage can and chair) sold in the millions…they are 2 of the most famous pieces ever sold - they are HUGE market sucesses.
you may have seen these:

he just designed a new watch for alessi, which is freaking awesome.

although his ideas and approach to “changing the world” doesn’t sit well with me, he has made alot of $$ for alot of companies, and deserves some respect…

I actually still buy it at Target.

That really depends on the user. His idea is to be as faaar out as possible that’s why he’s in the spotlight. Firms that create good, solid design without the whistles are not in the spotlight because that’s not what this era is about. This type of design steers up design community and we hold on so dearly to our own ideologies that we forget to appreciate the other side.

I am actually a bit shocked at people’s reactions on this post. As designers we’re supposed to look at all sides of the issue. Be impartial, however, most but not all designers seem to have a strong sense of ego. I see alot of passion in the replies, which is good but is anyone able to passionately uphold either side of the issue?

meanwhile, back to the topic !

who watched the show and what were your thoughts on the products ?

i would bet on either the sports equipment pack with the water feeder (wonder what nfl would think about it, also, camelback people in novato, ca could swallow that one up…) or else the gorilla grip (excellent idea, can see it in home depot already)

i thought the water feeder was a materials science project, albeit a really good one. the skateboard one has definitely got potential, especially with cool stretchy graphics. the pram with undercarriage seems like a really good idea but needs extensive testing (as with all baby stuff, dizzy amount of regulations). the quad zipper is simply brilliant, something similar has been done before and did not take off, however, with it’s sharp presentation and larger audience last night, it could also be a winner, even if not through the show. the rest of the stuff is clearance in ross, marshalls or ripped off by some similar chain store and forgotten after christmas.