can't seem to get "good" designs into production..

clients love them…cost is acceptable…BUT…marketing and purchasing always cut additional costs out of the design, then the product sucks and is axed!

Of course nobody in the organization asks me for a design revision to meet their revised profit goals…not once! In addition, nobody provides cost feedback (tooling, part cost, etc.) so I have no idea how fix the issue.
In addition, even after bringing it to upper management they agree …but also agree to do nothing about it.

Is this unique to my suck employer…or are their others out their going through the same hellish problem.

done venting…back to work…

Job security - hey man as long as you’re getting paid, relax.

design is a fiery burning hell!

typical. hard to make an impact when you don’t have a seat at the big table.

Somebody has to develop a metric for what we do.

The longer you’re at it - the thicker your skin gets.

It gets better when someone with a “design voice” is in charge of the process. I’ve seen more ID guys migrate into marketing because they are tired of the inmates running the asylum. The only way you can make a difference is to scream the loudest (and wear the stripes to enforce it)!!

Good luck.

…it is a given that 80% of id work goes in the dumper and those marketing people are a pesky bunch, but you might try to design to 85-90% of the cost target the next time…

this is why design is monkey biz

why dose design school suck in such a profoundly pathetic way?

now we have reality tv which lend us a view into the ways of the idiotic.

as if money were an excuse and or validation for stupidity

personally, I hate designing things for other people.

I am a talented, intelligent savvy artist

oh well, I have little interest in getting involved with ignorant morons, That may be the reason for my quitting so many jobs.

who cares? - thats what I say. There will come a time when real people will do the real jobs and the credit will go to the correct places.

until then, I would rather be a communist.

heres an idea , dont buy shares of crap companies, schools or the crap they produce

:exclamation: 0

Yeah- just shut up, be happy, and blindly contribute to a throw-away consumer culture where people are surrounded by junk and should expect to be treated like crap.

or…keep pushing, asking questions, and working hard to make a positive change! :smiley:

Nice to know that I haven’t lost my mind…good to realize others face the same project-to-project frustrations in corporate design departments. I never had this much problem when I was a consultant…maybe corporate design teams are not taken as serious because we don’t charge an arm and a leg.