Can't scroll down

Has anyone noticed that on some computers it’s impossible to scroll through the latest discussion topics on the core77 homepage? They show up but the menu won’t scroll with the center mouse dial. Is this a setting on the computer? Does it vary between web brousers? What’s the deal? is there a quick key I need to learn?, I’m sure the mac users have to do something wacky.

If there’s no way around this problem as is, would it be difficult to put in a separate scroll bar for that portion on the homepage, so we can scroll manually as a backup?

I use Firefox on two different machines, and I have that no-scrolling issue.

Then, when I switch to Safari (my secondary browser), I can scroll, on both machines.

Not sure what’s up- doesn’t bother me too much though.

Things have changed in the 3 years since this was originally posted. Thanks for waking this one up TimuM