Cant find photoworks in my solidworks!!!

hello. i bought my solid works student edition 2008-2009 about 4 months ago, and i notice that the photo works tool bar was missing, i spent a very long time trying to find it, but it dosnt seem to be any where on the program. i assumed it was a faulty copy so i contacted the provider and the sent me another copy. i reloaded it and still nothing there!!
please could some one help me!! because its driving me crazy.

tools/add-ins, check the box

Did you figure it out?

See below if you didn’t.

hey ya found it and clicked both boxes but nothing has happened? what else do i do?

You should now have a PhotoWorks menu at the top of the screen.

There should be a simple PhotoWorks tutorial you can run through that will show you everything you need to get started.

ive done it. thank you very mucah you have saved me hours of fustration!