cannt decide a suitable software 4 designing a robortic arm

hi everybody,

i am student n designing a robortic arm. i am having a great problem selecting a suitabe software that can give stress control, load n torque calculatons n other imp things in designing a robortic arm.

i have learnt auto-cad but it doesnt give any info about torque n stress control

plz recommend any of these softwares
1- ansys
2- pore
3- solid edge

plz share ur views with me

I’ve used ProE almost my whole career, and I has a lot of analysis tools… Mainly an industrial designer would stick to the solid modeler and surfacing modules, but there are dozens of other more engineering related modules for FEA, sheet metal, etc…

Its a bear to learn, but a very powerful piece of software, especially if flowing Alias curves are not what you need…

Pro/E is good, however it has a steep learning curve for those who never used it. Solidworks would be another good and easy to learn choice.

Catia V5 will give you the best options and is much easier to learn the V4 along with being Windows OS.