canadians, love them or hate them..

…they are all over the place.

How many out there are Canadian designers working and living in America?

Just so I am clear, I love Canadians.

It is nice to know you love me. I am Canadian and if I ever have the finances to pay for my degree, I would choose to both study and work in the united states.

Canadians - huddled around the U.S border like hands over a warm fire.

They’re so adorable and polite- I love talking aboot them.

I’m Canadian, went to school here and work here in the land of old glory.
It’s not all chocolates and roses, and at times I think about going back home. Just so your sure, I love Americans, but my country pulls on my heart.

i’m a canadien working in the US. both countries similar IMO. maybe the paper money’s different and i have to pay $15 to go for a checkup.

Why do those wacky canadians charge us to go into Canada and we do not charge them to enter USA? (at Toronto)

because we’re smarter ehh!! know we gotta keep the party going, thats why we charge cover

I think the better question is: how many Americans rely on Canadians?


But they still won’t make a Mac version of Studio. That would make this (canadian, add another tic mark) design student’s next several years.

I’m a Brit who moved to Canada 4 years ago…would never go back.

Canada is a wonderful place to live and work.

Although I have to pay 6 friggin’ bucks to go down there ya buggers!
I mean, you’d think they would have given us Brits a better deal after we backed 'em up in Iraq!!! but oh no…I get nothing but grief ever time I travel down there…mugshots and fingerprint scans…pppffftttt, what’s up with that.

So I’m more than happy those crazy liberal northerners charge Americans to come in…at least we put it to better use than keeping track of innocent people just going about their daily lives!

The last time I drove over the border I got such a bad deal off the border guard I perpously spent as little money in the States as I could…I refused to bolster your economy if you are (your representatives at least) to treat people like that…I limped home over the border on fumes because I didn’t want to buy your gas!

[steps down from his soap box]

sure canuks are nice and all but, what the hell have they ever done for the world? becides hockey!

Insulin and laser eye surgery both came from Canada. Is that what your looking for?

How about-
5 pin bowling. Basketball. The Robertson screw. The telephone.
The zipper…

We also have the world’s best Rye whiskey here.

It is true though. Many of us do warm our hands on the fire to the south. There is alot of work down there. With the internet it makes it easier for a Canadian to do work in US without physically being there.

I’ll bite. I’m a Canuck. Been in Silicon Valley for 10 years+ though.

Fact: Without water all life as we know it will perish.

Fact: Canada has the large supply of water.

Fact: Las Vegas imports water from Canada.

Conclusion: Canadians have a thing for gambling and showgirls

its only like $2.50 to cross.

Fact #2 -Life as we know it is not possible without energy.
Fact#2- Canada is the largest supplier for energy to the US.
Fact#2- The US imports that resource.

Conclusion# 2. Canadians have a great thing for gambling and showgirls.

I have seen a few Canadians and it is my conclusion that they look a lot like us americans? I dont like that, it is sort of spooky.

Yes, it is true that many of us look like Americans. Line us all up together and you’ll never tell the difference.

Funny though, we Canadians pride ourselves as being “not American” yet still look the same. Maybe we should start wearing fur hats, and carry a muskets?

muskets? thats a similar animal to a beaver?