Canadian Olympic Opening

I know I am tying this halfway through, but I think you guys are kicking ass so far. I just wanted to put tis post up here to get feedback. Let us know your thoughts.


I know I am not the norm with designers, but as I have posted before I am a country fan I have to say I love the fiddle playing.

Also throught watching this and hearing that rhyme, I want to move there!!!

I liked it, it had heart.

I saw the final torch being lit in person. Was amazing! The buzz around the city is great, the events had made the city lively. There’s so many events you never realized that comes with the Olympics that they don’t show on TV to keep the locals/tourists occupied while not watching the games. Today I’m going to zip line downtown, yes there’s a zip line in the middle of the city during the events!

Wish I had tickets to curling. I’d love to be there. As a Canadian by birth, I loved it. China is an impossible act to follow, and I don’t think anyone was expecting anything on that level. But, Vancouver did a great job. I really liked the subtle things they pulled off. The icebergs breaking away, the whales with the spouts, and of course that hardcore fiddlin’!

The visuals were insame…The Whales! Just Awesome…

The man running in the field…sooo cool.

I was there… although waaaay up in the nosebleed section.

One thing I noticed between the tv broadcast and being there in person was on the tv broadcast they really filtered out the sound of the crowd. BC Place Stadium doesn’t have the best acoustics so I guess this was probably a good thing.

Each of the audience was given a kit that was essentially a stylized octagonal shoebox that turned into a drum. The kit also contained a flashlight with colored gels, a poncho, and a few other goodies. Before the ceremony started the audience was guided through our participation in the ceremony and we learned where to watch for our cues to either wave our flashlights, bang the drums, etc… The Brian Adams /Nelly Furtado song was pretty fun as the entire audience provided the drum beat - this was something that I didn’t think came across too well.

I had a great time and it was even more fun to go down into Yaletown (Vancouver’s restaurant/loft district) as it was packed with people and everyone was in a great mood.

I have tickets to a few other events so I’ll try to post any other worthy design notables…

I thought the star of the opening ceremonies was the AV Geek Squad. The projected images were seamless and very well done. I wonder how many projectors they synced for the visuals. Very nice.

It was a good night to be a famous Canadian. Donald Sutherland???

One of the “houses” (pavilion) downtown is the Canadian whose main feature there is the gold medals and their design; they have a 20 minute documentary with the entire design process with the 2 designers involved with it. Also the Italian house main feature is Italian design, have some Italian furniture and products showcased and they hosted a small Italian design presentation in my school last week in conjunction of their house opening. Pretty cool to see ID people recognized in the midst of the events.

I also thought they did a decent job, especially for the money they spent. There is no way to compare it to Bejing (via fast company):

The Vancouver Olympic Committee’s official budget for the 2010 Games is $1.6 billion. That doesn’t count nearly $1 billion in government-funded security costs, construction of new venues ($550 million) and the Olympic Village ($900 million), and $3.8 billion in related infrastructure, including expansion of mass transit and convention facilities. The Most Expensive Olympics was Beijing 2008, which cost $40 billion. The rumored cost for the next Winter Games – in Sochi, Russia – is $33 billion.

The work they did with the video was amazing. I can only imagine how many projectors they used. Where were they located? I never saw images projected on the people on stage, so I thought they would be under the stage, but they would have to be pretty deep under the stage. Also, the transition to the crowd would be very hard to do with them under.